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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I love my hearing aids! I literally went to all the local hearing aid companies before I decided to purchase my aids from New Ear Hearing Center.  Their friendly, professional atmosphere was key to making my decision.  As it turns out, their service is outstanding.  They really take care of their customers.

Virginia G.

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 7 years now and before seeing Lynn at New Ear in St, Clair Shores, I would say I was satisfied with my hearing aids. Satisfied, yet not ecstatic. My old hearing aids were the "in the canal" style and after being fitted and adjusted by the audiologist there was nothing for me to do other than put them in and change the battery when needed.  They did not have any adjustments but they let me hear better than I was used to hearing without hearing aids.

My wife saw an ad for New Ear in St. Clair Shores and told me about the $1000.00 factory discount if I made an appointment that week. I was skeptical but my skepticism turned to joy when I met Dianne and Lynn at New Ear. They put me at ease and Lynn explained how I would have much better hearing if I went to a "receiver in canal" type of hearing aid. She fitted me with a sample pair and showed me how I could use the personalized pre-set settings to fine tune my hearing for different circumstances. I was pleasantly surprised by how well I could hear and realized that I had forgotten how great it was to hear music clearly and a whisper from across the table. I wished I could walk out that day with that sample pair but had to anxiously wait for a week for my new hearing aids to come in. They were well worth the wait! I love my NuEar SDS II Premier hearing aids!

Since being fitted, Lynn has kept up with me to make sure that everything is still alright. I have gone in once to have an adjustment made that made my hearing aids a little more comfortable than they already were. I have full confidence in Lynn and in the NuEar brand of hearing aids and when the time comes for me to replace my hearing aids in the future you can be sure I will be going back to visit Lynn for my check up and a fitting. Going for a check up with Lynn is more like a visit with a friend than just going to see my audiologist.

Thanks Dianne and Lynn!

Richard H.

I am so delighted with my aids, they are the best thing I have acquired since buying my first car all thanks to Lynn!

Frances P.

I am a veteran and am eligible to receive hearing aids from the V.A. I was so impressed with Lynn, her office staff and hearing aids that I purchased my hearing aids from New Ear instead.  I didn’t realize that my insurance covered hearing aids until New Ear informed me of this.  Not only did they help my hearing loss, they made it convenient and affordable.

Ed S.

The New Ear Hearing Center is more than just another source to purchase hearing aids.  Lynn, the hearing aid specialist and Diane, the Office Manager, will always welcome you as a friend/customer rather than just another client or potential one.
Lynn takes as much time as needed to answer your questions or concerns and will do all she can to meet your expectations.  Even waiting in the office to see Lynn is pleasant.  There’s always a pot of coffee, candy or some other delicacy to enjoy if you have the time.  With such a gracious atmosphere, I look forward to my Hearing Center visits.

Marge M.

I would like to thank the staff at New Ear for bringing back a sense of normality to my life. My hearing loss was due in part to my profession (trained blacksmith) combined with my hobby (18thC living history, involving live musket fire).
Being the treasurer for a worldwide fraternal organization, it is necessary for me to attend a number of monthly meetings. It was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me to attend these meetings because of the severity of my hearing loss. I would miss entire portions of the conversations and proceedings. My attendance at church services also declined as I was not able to hear anything from the pulpit.
I now attend these monthly meetings with confidence and my attendance at church has resumed.
Thank you New Ear